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Are You Prepared

by Ephrem Luechinger

Ephrem Luechinger augments the prepared piano on his Debut Trilogy "ARE YOU PREPARED" with delay, distortion, and reverb, giving the album a meditative, impressionistic undercurrent, sometimes even bringing his hectic minimalism to a mournful legato. Instruments that sound like harp, melodica, and drums seem to weave in and out of the music, but they're actually the sounds of the prepared piano, either on its own or treated with effects.

Available on CD/Digital (Qilin Records):

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Piano/Comp/Editing: Ephrem Luechinger

Trombone/Glockenspiel: Michael Flury

Mixing: Manu Rindlisbacher

Mastering: Dan Suter




Whistler & Hustler, two gentlemen stepped out of a Magritte painting. Groomed like gentlemen, polite like gentlemen, and ever so slightly sinister, also like gentlemen. Ferrante & Teicher might be the dangerous godfathers of these two. Or maybe Sparks, though Whistler & Hustler do smile, occasionally. And there's always the Thompson Twins, but we'll keep that to ourselves. Do we feel safe in the company of these two? Maybe we do, maybe we don't. Either way, never this side of a Laurel & Hardy movie has a piano been misused, caressed, tortured and loved more than by this duo of elegant miscreants. 




Dieter Meier can’t be accused of rushing things. In spite of enormous success as vocalist with the legendary Yello, he has just released his debut solo album at the age of 69.

How cool is the debut album from a 69 year old? Absolutely freezing. So cold that it’s hot in fact. The millionaire artist and poker player clearly know what makes a fine tune and assembles a dozen efforts on Out Of Chaos putting together an album of differing styles and the inevitable bit of added bonkers. Current single Buffoon is probably case in point blending honky tonk piano with a wall of voices, rising scales and silly rhymes. Genius.

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Love of life has a new sound: Heidi Happy's 5th album leaps onto the stages - with authentic music, full of passion and more intense than ever - musical moods are pushed to their limits and adapted to each place and every audience. The songs - ranging from folk through pop to electro - leave plenty of room for playfulness and originality, spontaneously created on the spot. From quiet and intimate pieces all the way to big, spheric, open spaces, Heidi Happy wants to play out her emotions more extremely and without compromise. Get ready for a diverse program, touching, entertaining and full of surprises.

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FRIEND vereint geballte Musikalität mit intelligentem Songwriting: Dominik Huber liefert mit seiner ersten Veröffentlichung als Solo-Künstler die perfekte Symbiose aus Spiel, Spass und Spannung. Melodien, die haften bleiben und Rhythmen, die vorwärts treiben – «In the Teeth of the Wind» beinhaltet elf Pop-Songs, welche sich in keiner Hinsicht dem Popdiktat unterwerfen. So bleibt genügend Raum für die eigene Fantasie. Mit FRIEND vergeht die Zeit im Fluge und kein Abenteuer gleicht dem anderen. Genau so, wie es einem mit dem besten Freund eben ergeht.

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Am Anfang stand ein Sandkasten in Zürich: Ephrem und Manuel waren 4 Jahre alt, hatten beide lange Haare und hielten sich deshalb gegenseitig für ein Mädchen. Entsprechend verzückt waren sie über die neue Freundschaft. Bald entdeckten sie die gemeinsame Leidenschaft für Musik und Computerspiele. Im Kinderzimmer experimentierten sie fortan mit Instrumenten und Synthesizern, hantierten mit Tausenden von Tönen und tauchten ab in abgefahrene Klangwelten. Egal, was rundherum passierte - ephma wollten nur spielen. Das Produkt dieser Musikspiele war immer anders, aber konstant verrückt.


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