Limited Edition Triple Compact Disc "ARE YOU PREPARED"

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Limited Edition Triple Compact Disc "ARE YOU PREPARED"


Ephrem Luechinger - ARE YOU PREPARED?
34 Sonic Sculptures for Prepared Piano 
3 CD Box

Ephrem Luechinger augments the prepared piano on his Debut Trilogy "ARE YOU PREPARED" with delay, distortion, and reverb, giving the album a meditative, impressionistic undercurrent, sometimes even bringing his hectic minimalism to a mournful legato. Instruments that sound like harp, melodica, and drums seem to weave in and out of the music, but they're actually the sounds of the prepared piano, either on its own or treated with effects.

Piano: Ephrem Luechinger 
*Trombone&Glockenspiel: Michael Flury 
Produced, Arranged and Edited by Ephrem Luechinger 

Recorded at Sound Development by Manuel Rindlisbacher 
Mixed at ephma Studio by Manuel Rindlisbacher 
Mastering by 
Graphic Design by Domi Huber


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